Buy agricultural land Acers in Telangana:

Buy Agricultural Land Acres In Telangana

We at KFortune act as mediators between the buyer & the seller. KFortune has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and deals with sale & purchase of agricultural land. As an organization, we ensure the processing is done in a secure and foolproof manner. We assure you the best rates in accordance with current market trends. We perform extensive market analysis to ensure we find the right buyer/seller and pledge customer satisfaction. Welcome to the right place to find the perfect value deal for the budget you have in mind.

How can one buy agricultural Lands?

Get in touch with us at KFortune by dropping us a mail at – info@kfortune.inor call/WhatsApp on +91-9912713998 and we will ensure you get the best deal for the best price value.

Agricultural land is known to be the most solid of the best assets one can own. Buying agricultural land is considered a very safe investment option and it is a very tempting investment. Market studies and researches support the fact that farm/agricultural land is among the top most profitable investments & assets to own. Thinking about investing & purchasing a agricultural plot? Here’s why you should:

1. Long Term – High Profitable Asset

Agricultural land is very profitable in the remote future; agricultural land is the kind of assets that do not experience depreciation even after decades. Farm land value is always on the rise and you can be guaranteed to earn a profit when you do sell it in the future.

2.  Assorted methods to generate income

Farm lands give you the choice of generating income in diverse ways.

  • You could choose to farm, plant & produce your own crop by yourself.
  • You can opt to lease it to farmers who will utilize the land.
  • The third option is to partner with another investor/farmer, share costs and profits.
  • If you purchase a large enough area you can do all of the 3 options mentioned above and see which is the most profitable.
  • The last option is to convert it into a residential plot and collect lease/rent.
  • Farm lands near city limits will eventually come under development plans drawn by the metro development board and the compensation paid to handover rural land to the government is quite a handful.

3. Best Low-Risk Option for Long-Term Monetary Growth

Monetary growth increases exponentially with time for agricultural land. Well planned farming and agricultural practices can return consistent revenue and higher profits while at the same time, the value of the land keeps rising.

4. Inflated Total Returns

Returns from farmlands in the form of rental income combined with the value appreciation of the land results in a higher total return from the farmland in comparison to most bonds, real estate assets & liquid assets.

5. Tax-Free Returns

In India, there is no tax levied on income generated from agriculture. So, all the income generated through any agricultural activity will be yours without having to pay any tax to the government. Even sale of agricultural land is tax exempted as it is not considered a capital asset by the government.

6. Shield against Inflation

Inflation is a necessary evil in the economic scenario of a country. Inflation rate will always increase with time. Owning an agricultural plot is like an antidote to inflation as the value of the agricultural plot will always rise faster than the rate of inflation. Farmlands thus afford a reasonably safe buffer from inflation and provide ease of mind.

7. Always In the Green

There is usually a continuous swing in the balance between supply & demand. This balance, when it swings in either direction causes an increase in the value of agricultural produce and also an increase in the value of the agricultural land. So during times of a supply-demand mismatch in the country, food prices increase which indirectly means hike in value of agricultural produce.

8. Grants, Exemptions & Returns

The government provides grants and concessions when you farm specific crops. Tax exemptions are also provided in procurement of farm equipment. Tax credits are also handed out as part of government schemes. Subsidies for facilities like drip irrigation and electricity connection are often provided by the government.

9. Less Initial Investment for Consistent Income

Initial investment in agricultural plots is low compared to making real estate investments in urban areas. With farm lands, you can be assured of a relatively stable income with less instability.

10. Leisure Getaway

Agricultural plots can be converted into farmhouses for monthly or weekend getaways with families or friends. This is becoming an increasingly popular option as people look to escape from the hustle and fast-paced life in the city