1 Acre Farmland with Farmhouse Design Tips & Ideas

Farmhouse Design Tips & Ideas

Farmhouses are generally built on farms which lie nestled away from the hustle & bustle of busy metropolitan areas, keeping this is mind, farmhouses are usually rustic looking simple homes with ample amount of open space around & plenty of ventilation with abundance of natural light during the day. Farmhouses are usually used to relax, take a break, holiday away from stressful work lives. Farmhouses which are in touch with nature, have plenty of space & surrounded by agricultural plantations offer calm to the mind & soul. Farmhouses were initially only seen as weekend getaways & vacation destinations but now they are proving to be a good option for those seeking to move away from the city noise & pollution to live a healthy lifestyle.

There are no set rules on how you should build your farmhouse or how it should look but there are some ideal design guidelines which can help you design your farmhouse to suit your tastes.

  1. Know Why – When you decide to build a farmhouse, first know why you are building the farmhouse – if you want a farmhouse for having get togethers, parties or events it is better to build a larger farmhouse with lots of open space & room for accommodating people. If you want to build the farmhouse for staying permanently or for weekends away with family, design it so that it gives you a warm, relaxing feel and has everything equipped.
  2. Know What – Once you decide on what you need the farmhouse for, you should then focus on what features & facilities you need in the farmhouse. A farmhouse being built for parties, gatherings etc. can have a big veranda for barbeques or bonfires, a large terrace/room for entertainment & games or even a dormitory style accommodation for visitors.
  3. Know How – After getting an idea of what you want, chart out a budget and contact someone with experience in construction to find out how much it would cost, how much of the extra amenities you need can you actually get in and how long it will take. Figure out a plan of action, utilize the help of a professional to design your farmhouse and create a timeline for the activities.

Ideal Design Tips for Farmhouses:

  1. Utilization of Space – Farmhouses are built on open farm lands, hence, there should be plenty of space available to play with while building the farmhouse. Design the farmhouse to be as spacious and as wide as it can be to make maximum use of the land available to you. There are no restrictions or limitations to sizes of farmhouses compared to residential houses & flats.
  2. Fresh Air & Light – Design your farmhouse in such a way that it allows for maximum ventilation & cross-ventilation to provide for fresh air & breeze. Farmhouses can have large French windows & doors to allow for as much as natural light in the farmhouse as possible during the day. Circulation of fresh air & warm sunlight work wonders for the relaxation and calm of the human body.
  3. Greenery – Ideally, farmhouses should have lots of greenery & flora around them. Lots of greenery & plantations around the farmhouse means the air gets filtered well and there is a more pleasant weather around the year. Having plantations & growing your own produce around the farmhouse means you can get the freshest of the produce to use for consumption.
  4. Short & Simple – Farmhouses are generally one- or two-storeyed buildings. As there is plenty of open spaces, farmhouses can be built larger & wider without having to build multiple storeys to accommodate everything. Since farmhouses do not need to be tall, the construction is also easy & costs less.
  5. Get Creative – Farmhouses are the best kind of projects to use a lot of your creativity and put into the design. Farmhouses can be made in a number of different styles like traditional, modern, historic & minimalistic. Explore all options & pick the one that matches your taste the most. Having a theme going throughout the interior of the farmhouse also helps make it look more inviting and homely.
  6. Recreation – Recreational spaces are a must for farmhouses, an open space where one can exercise, relax and just recharge. Swimming pools, outdoor gyms, yoga spaces, open balconies & wide verandas are some of the most popular recreational spaces which are available with farmhouses.
  7. Sustainability – While building your farmhouse it is a smart option to use sustainable materials fro construction, interiors & décor. Sustainable materials last longer, are easier to maintain and do not cause ecological imbalance when thrown away after use. Use of sustainably sourced materials like wood, metal can also be used to give a rustic/traditional feel to the house which adds warmth.

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