Farm land plots for Sale in Shamirpet Hyderabad

Farm land plots for Sale in Shamirpet Hyderabad

KFortune has a new and upcoming project in Shamirpet, a real exciting prospect for investors. KFortune has farm lands for sale in the current real estate hotspot of Shamirpet, these farm lands are located on the outskirts of Hyderabad with Shamirpet becoming one of the fastest developing areas on the fringes of the city. KFortune guarantees most reasonable prices and value for money for your investment. The project is also located in an advantageous pollution free zone away from the crowd, noise & smoke of the urban congestion. This project is being developed at the most opportune time to invest in real estate and it is a chance that should not be missed.

Project Features &USPs:

  • The project has a land area of over 10 acres.
  • Planned division of 130 to 150 plots.
  • Nutrient rich soil that is ideal to grow different crops in different seasons.
  • Wide internal roads for easy transport & connectivity.
  • Complimentary organic fruit plantations provided by Kfortune.
  • Location: The farm land is located in Shamirpet, close to KondaPochammaSagar Reservoir, Biotechnology Park and Genome Valley. The farms are only minutes away from Nehru Outer Ring Road providing ease of access.
  • All facilities for irrigation and water supply are ready.
  • Gated farm land ensuring security.
  • Eligible for RythuBandhu Scheme, PM KisanSammanNidhi Scheme &RythuBheema Scheme.

Urban Real-Estate has reached a point of stagnation with prices being higher than ever and the scare of a pandemic has put people off from investing in urban real estate. Investors still want to invest in property; moreover the trend has been shifting towardsbuying land on the outskirts of urban and metropolitan areas. The preference has also gravitated towards investing in farms/agricultural land as the rewards in the future are extremely high while the land being available at lower rates compared to residential plots.

Agricultural land is known to be the most solid of the best assets one can own. Buying agricultural land is considered a very safe investment option and it is a very tempting investment. Market studies and researches support the fact that farm/agricultural land is among the top most profitable investments & assets to own.

Here are 10 reasons to convince you that buying farm lands is a brilliant investment:

  1. Highly Profitable Long Term Investment – Farm lands have turned out to be one of the highest returning investments according to recent studies of the real estate market.
  2. Multiple Income Generation Source – Farm lands can be used to grow crops, leased to farmers, convert it into residential plot at the most opportune moment as land near the outskirts of a city will eventually become a part of the city in the future.
  3. Low-Risk High-Reward Investment Option – Agricultural land can be easy to maintain with guaranteed returns on sale as the cost of land will always be on the rise especially for desirable locations on the outskirts of cities like Hyderabad. The damage due to any natural disaster is also limited compared to urban properties and the land is usually recoverable.
  4. Low Initial Investment & Maintenance–Agricultural land is less expensive than urban properties and does not usually require any extra cost for repairs. Maintenance of farm land is relatively inexpensive or it can be leased to farmers who have the know how to produce and maintain good crops.
  5. Boosted Returns – The returns from the farm in form of crops or rent combined with the appreciation in value of land with time means there is a hidden layer of returns to be reaped in the future.
  6. Tax Exempt Income – Any profits or income from the farm land is exempted from taxes in India, even the sale of agricultural land is tax exempt in India.
  7. Inflation Protection – As the value of land appreciates with time, there is a sense of security if you own appreciating property while inflation drives the cost of other necessities higher.
  8. Positive Demand Always – In case of any shortages of supply in the market, the value of agricultural produce and land always rises along with increased demand for agricultural products.
  9. Occasional Getaways – Farm lands can be used as occasional getaway spots for camping or relaxing from the stress and bustle of city life.
  10. Take It Grant-ed – The state and central governments have schemes that offer farm equipment, material at subsidized prices to encourage farming and sometimes also provide tax credits.

RythuBandhu Scheme –Under the RythuBandhu Scheme, farmers/owners of farm land are provided with financial help of Rs. 5000 twice a year – once during Rabi crop season and once during kharif crop season to support farm investment – this is the first direct farmer investment support scheme in India where the funds are directly paid to the beneficiaries. This scheme was started by Telangana state Chief Minister K ChandrashekharRao on 10th May 2018 and has an annual budget of Rs.12, 000 crores

PM Kisan Scheme –The PradhanMantriSammanNidhi or PM Kisan Scheme is an initiative taken by the Government of India through which all farmers will receive Rs.6000 per year as minimum income support. The amount will be paid in 3 installments to the eligible farmers and the same will be deposited directly into the farmer’s bank account. The scheme has an annual budget of Rs.75, 000 crores per year. The scheme was announced by cabinet minister PiyushGoyal on 1st February 2019 during the 2019 Interim Union Budget of India and came into effect December 2019 onwards.

RythuBheema Scheme – The Farmers Group Life Insurance Scheme (RythuBima), is to provide financial relief and social security to the family members/ dependents, in case of loss of farmer’s life due to any reason. The Farmers Group Life Insurance Scheme (RythuBheema Scheme) ensures financial security and relief to the bereaved members of the farmer’s family. Farmers in the age group of 18 to 59 years are eligible for enroll under the scheme. The entire premium is paid by the government to the Life Insurance Corporation of India (Largest public sector PSU for Insurance in India).In the event of the death of the enrolled farmer due to any cause including natural death, the insured amount of Rs.5 Lakh is deposited into the designated nominee account within (10) days.

After reading these above reasons, we’re sure you are compelled to invest in farm land, why look further beyond KFortune when we can offer you a seamless ownership experience and guidance.