HMDA Layout approval process

HMDA Layout approval process

HMDA – Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority via official website allows you to apply for HMDA approval. If you are wondering to apply for HMDA approval online then you have to register to the dpms website first.

Besides you can also apply offline by visiting the HMDA office in person. Through this article, we are providing the complete information on how to apply and obtain HMDA approval online for a layout, what is an HMDA approved layout, how to apply and get HMDA approval for a layout in person, required documents for HMDA approval, guidelines for applying HMDA approval, how to fill the HMDA Approval online application form, etc.

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HMDA Guidelines on Green Channel for layout Approval:
The Government of Telangana State introduced this green channel in order to accelerate the application process for HMDA approvals and it is also the fast track mode of getting the approvals as well. By using this green channel you can get the HMDA approval for layouts in just 7 days.

Step1: Document Auditor
The first step of the process is, choosing a HMDA licensed document auditor.

Step2: Architects
Once after selecting the Auditor is completed, now choose a HMDA licensed Architect.

Step3: Applicant Responsibilities
Once, the selection of both HMDA authorised auditor and architect is completed now it is time to approach both of them to scrutiny on ownership aspects and conformity of proposals to relevant rules / regulations / master plan proposals Etc.

After the verification is done, the application cum scrutiny form for layout approval is prepared by the auditor and architect.

Along with the application, we need attach the required supporting documents, NOC’s, draft mortgage deed etc.

Now its time to pay the fees, we have to pay all the relevant fees at the time of the submission of the application form, and the layout processing fees can be paid via challan.

Step4: Submission of the Application form
After filling the application form, attaching the layout plan, required supporting documents, fee challan’s, required NOC’s etc, we have to submit the application form at the Citizen Facilitation centre in the HMDA office, and we can submit the application form either on Monday or Thursday between 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Once after the complete verification of our application form by the authorized person at the Citizen Facilitation centre in the HMDA office will forward our application form to by 3:00 PM on the same day.

Step5: Land Section Dutiesa
The land section at the HMDA office, after the complete verification of our application form and the documents submitted by us, will forward our application form to the Chief Planning Officer in 5 days.

Step6: Planning Section Duties
The planning section decides when to inspect the land after examining the complete application form and all layout application forms will be inspected within 25 days from the date of application form submitted.

How to Apply for HMDA Layout Approval Online?
The first part of the process is, the applicant willing to apply HMDA layout approval online, such applicant must register to the dpms website. After the online registration process is done, you have login to the dpms website to apply online by using your user name and password.

HMDA Layout Online Apply Process:

  • You should get a relevant Land use certificate from HMDA office, and the NOCs from the respective departments.
  • If there is any requirement for the undertakings then you must prepare the undertakings.
  • Now, you have to engage the services of the Document Auditor and Architect authorised by the HMDA.
  • Basically, Document Auditor and Architect shall be engaged for the scrutiny of ownership aspects and conformity of proposals to relevant rules / regulations / master plan proposals etc.
  • Both the Document Auditor and Architect will guide you fill the application form, the HMDA application form contains 2 parts they are Part A and Part B.
  • Along with the application form, you have to submit the photographs of the site on all the four directions along with showing the access and other physical developments. If it is possible then, the photographs/videography of the site in GPS enabled digitized format and also geo-referenced layout plans to be submitted in digital format.
  • Coming to the Part A of the application that is filled by the Architect after inspecting the site, and verifying the ownership records, Layout Rules and other regulations connected with the layouts, the NOCs given by various authorities as required, prepare the plans in accordance with the same and to the required Scale and also sign the relevant certificates, application and plans as required.
  • After inspecting the land, and verifying the required documents, Architect will calculate the fee and charges as per the HMDA rates and the detailed calculations shall be enclosed in a separate sheet.
  • After inspecting the land, Architect will prepare the Plans of the layout by incorporating the standard and regular conditions.
  • Now, the Architect will prepare the draft Mortgage document & Plans for the area to be mortgaged as per the HMDA rules. The Architect will also prepare the Layout plans judiciously and in orderly manner allocating the land for usefulness and intended purposes duly following the planning principles.
  • The Architect prepares the plans duly showing the roads, open spaces and areas earmarked for social amenities shall be as per rules and also keeping the needs of the inhabitants.
  • The Document Auditor verifies the ownership documents, link documents etc and fill up Part B and shall sign the certificate and all other relevant documents, Undertaking etc as required.
  • The Applicant shall submit the filled in Application in Part A with all its enclosures including the draft mortgage deed and also along with the fee and charges as required under the rules (vide ‘f’ above) and Part B with all its enclosures on the designated dates at the Citizen Facilitation Centre established at the Office of the HMDA, Tarnaka, Hyderabad.
  • The Applicant shall pay all fees/charges in full at the time of submission of the application at the Citizen Facilitation Centre, HMDA.
  • In respect of Layout Processing Fee, the amount shall be paid through Challan (duly paying the amount in the Bank counter at HMDA). The Layout Processing Fee will not be refunded whether the application is approved or rejected. Resubmission of the same layout will attract Layout processing fee again.
  • Whereas all Fee & other charges including Development Charges pertaining to Layout Application as calculated (vide ‘f’) shall be submitted through the Crossed Demand Draft only (payable within six months) drawn in favour of the Metropolitan Commissioner, HMDA payable at Hyderabad.
  • The Crossed Demand Draft submitted towards Fee & other charges including Development Charges will be credited in HMDA account in case the plans are in principle agreed for approval and in case of refusal of the Application, the Demand Draft will be returned along with the Rejection Letter.

HMDA Layout Approval Required Documents:

  1. Photographs of the site and approach road.
  2. Auto CAD Drawing in Pre DCR Format
  3. Location Plan drawn showing site and surrounding physical features
  4. Structural stability certificate from structural engineer.
  5. Building Plan.
  6. Geo Coordinates of the site under reference.

HMDA Documents Required in Technical Aspects:

  1. Layout copy in case the site is part of approved Layout/LRS Proceedings.
  2. Latest market value certificate per Sq.Yrd issued by the concerned sub-registrar office, in case the site is not part of approved layout.
  3. Contour Plan in ‘5Mts’ interval in case the site is of uneven surface.
  4. Plans & Sections required of the proposed sewerage disposal system and water supply system of proposed building/blocks to suitable scale and as per ISI Code & Standards, STP in case of proposals having more than 10,000 Sqm of built up area.
  5. Copy of Previously approved building plan (if any) NOC’S
  6. In case site is located adjoining any water body, below 200 mtrs – NOC to be submitted from the Irrigation Department not below the rank of Executive Engineer and also NOC from concerned Revenue Authority not below the rank of Joint Collector showing the respective distance from FTL boundary (Duly certified). In respect of finally notified lakes by HMDA lakes division, the NOC from irrigation and revenue departments not required.
  7. NOC from State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority if, the built up area is more than 20,000 Sq.mtrs.
  8. Fire NOC of the proposal for building Commercial/Office use Buildings above 15 Mtrs. Height.
  9. Residential Buildings above 18 Mtrs height. All Institutional/Public Congregation buildings/Assembly Halls above 6 Mtrs or Site are more than 500 Sqm.
  10. NOC from the Competent Authority viz : GAIL, IOC, Reliance etc., in case site is located within 30m vicinity of Gas pipe line.
  11. NOC from Competent Authority shall be obtained in case site is falling within the 30m vicinity of Raw water channel/pipe line of Krishna, Godavari, Osman Sagar & Manjeera Water from the HMWS & SB.
  12. NOC from Archaeological Survey of India (In case of development site nearer to ancient Monuments)
  13. NOC from the District Collector, if the site is in the vicinity of Heritage Buildings/ Heritages Precincts In case of development nearer Heritage Buildings/ Heritages precincts)
  14. NOC from Airports Authority of India Presently, the HMDA is not insisting for NOC from Airports
  15. Authority of India while issuing Building permissions as per the Colour Coded Zoning Maps prepared by the Airports Authority.
  16. Revenue sketch issued by the revenue authority, in case site is part of survey number/unauthorised layout.
  17. Report of Soil Test for all buildings above 10 mtrs issued after personal inspection by Institution / Consultant empanelled with / licensed by the local authority
  18. Structural designs and drawings prepared duly taking the soil bearing capacity into consideration and certified by qualified Structural Engineer / Consultant Firm empanelled with / licensed by the local authority. The Structural Engineer / Consultant Firm are held responsible for defect in the design. (10 Mtrs above buildings as per GO.541)
  19. Contractor / Builders / Developer / Owner shall submit All Risks Insurance Policy for the Building construction period. (10 mtrs above all buildings)

Documents Mandatory in Ownership Aspects:

  • Copy of Registered Sale Deed.
  • Registered Development Agreement of sale cum General Power of Attorney/ Registered lease deed.
  • Pattadar Pass Book/ Title Deed issued by Revenue Authorities in case of no Sale Deed.
  • Encumbrance certificate from 1st Jan 2000 till to date. (Searching EC, covering all transactions within last 13 years in respect of applied survey numbers).
  • Non Agricultural Land Assessment Certificate (NALA) from Competent Authority (R.D.O. of Concerned Area)

Documents Conditional Mandatory in Ownership Aspects

  • NOC issued by the Collector for Alienation of land in respect of assignment to freedom fighters/Defence persons/ Ownership disputes.
  • No Objection Certificate from SO & CA/ULC if necessary.
  • In case of Inam lands and non -production of pattedar pass books and title deeds required ORC issued by the RDO in case of Inam lands.

HMDA Layout Approval Application Form:
The HMDA layout application form consists of two parts, Part A and Part B. We can get the application via dpms website online as well as at the Citizen Facilitation Centre established at the Office of the HMDA, Tarnaka, Hyderabad.