Hyderabad Illegal Buildings - National Green Tribunal Suggests Demolition of Illegal Structures on Musi Nalas

Earlier this year, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) was asked to form a committee and inspect illegal structures built alongside and on Musi river nalas. The construction of these illegal structures along and on the nalas is causing flooding during even slightly heavy rains in lower lying areas of Hyderabad. The joint committee of NGT, following its inspection has recommended rescinding the building permits of structures encroaching nala areas. The committee also recommended demolition of these illegally constructed structures once the building permissions are revoked and it also suggested strict action be taken against officials who allowed these constructions to go ahead.

The committee said in a statement that as per the Act, only Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) can approve any layout plans and no other local body or gram panchayats have the authority to do so. Once approval is obtained from HMDA for the layout plan, it can be sent to the respective local body for release to layout owner after local body charges are collected. Revenue & irrigation officials of the NGT formed the joint committee and conducted inspection along the 9-meter buffer zone on both side of Musi nalas.

The inspection resulted in findings that showed multiple structures built in Puppalaguda & Neknampur were built without authorization and the rest were permitted for construction by the Puppalaguda Gram Panchayat based on assumed interpretations of draft layout plan which was approved by the HMDA more than 30 years ago in 1990. The draft layout plan which was approved by the HMDA was then cancelled 7 years after approval in 1997.

The joint committee said the final decision would lie with the Municipal Commissioner of Manikonda but suggested immediate actions be taken to demolish structures that were built by encroaching nala boundaries. For other structures that were approved by the Puppalaguda Gram Panchayat, the committee suggested that the municipal corporation issue show-cause notices to respective owners, revoke building permissions and demolish the structures while following due process.

Other members in the joint committee were from the State Pollution Control Board, HMDA, Gandipet Revenue Department and Telangana State Level Impact Assessment Authority. The committee also urged the District Collector of Rangareddy district to ensure action is taken against officials who approved construction of these illegal structures.

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