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what is Land Conversion Process in Telangana Nala Conversion

The process of converting agricultural land into a non-agricultural land that may be used for residential purposes or commercial purposes or industrial purposes is called as land conversion. Upon converting the agriculture land in to non-agricultural and it can be used for both residential purpose, commercial purpose, or industrial purpose. The Government of Telangana through the NALA act enables the conversion of agricultural land into a non-agricultural land and the act was introduced in the year 1963.

How to Convert Agricultural Land to Non-Agricultural land in Telangana?

Basically, to use agricultural land for either commercial or residential, or industrial purposes such agricultural land has to be converted to non-agricultural land first. In Telangana, the Government introduced NALA act in order to regulate the land conversion process of agricultural lands to non-agricultural lands so that such converted lands can be used for residential or industrial or commercial uses. According to the NALA act of Telangana State, the landowner must pay the NALA tax or Nala charges to convert agricultural land to non-agriculture land. So by paying the NALA charges, you can convert an Agricultural Land to Non-Agricultural land in Telangana State.

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What is NALA?

The full form of NALA is Non-Agricultural Lands Assessments, the NALA act was introduced in the year 1963. The Government of Telangana introduced this NALA act in order to regulate the process of converting Agricultural land to non-agricultural land.

Lands that Don’t come Under NALA:

  • NALA is not applicable for the type of lands mentioned below:
  • Lands in estates that are not under Government.
  • Lands owned by Central Government, State Government, and Union Territory Government.
  • Land vested in the local authority that is used for non-agricultural purposes.
  • Land of a local authority through which no income is generated.
  • Charitable lands, Religious lands, and educational institution.
  • Lands whose extent does not exceed 100 Square meters and are exclusively used for residential purposes.

Documents Required for Land Conversion in Telangana:

If you are planning to apply land conversion in Telangana state, then you have to keep the following documents with you.

  • Telangana Land Conversion Application Form.
  • Basic Value Certificate issued by the Sub-Registrar.
  • Pattedar Passbook issued by the MRO or Deputy Tahsildar.
  • Land Title Deed or Sale deed ( If the land is registered).
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Ration Card (optional)
  • Voter Id card ( optional)

NALA Tax Telangana:

The Government of Telangana State introduced this NALA tax in order to regulate the conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural land. So, while applying for the land conversion in Telangana State, you have to pay the NALA tax to use your agriculture land for commercial or residential purposes. Basically, the NALA tax depends on two factors they are nature of the land use i.e. for residential or commercial or industrial and the second factor is the population of the area.

NALA Charges / Nala Fees in Telangana:

According to the AP Act. No 3 of 2006, 5% of the basic value of the land in GHMC areas, and 9% basic value of the land in other areas.

How to Apply for Land Conversion in Telangana Online?

If you are wondering how to apply land conversion in Telangana State, how to get a Telangana land conversion application form, and what is the simple procedure applying for land conversion, Nala charges to be paid to Telangana Government and the documents required for the land conversion process in Telangana then you are in the right place, through this article, we are providing the complete information on the land conversion process in Telangana state as of today.

Land Conversion Process Telangana:

Step1: Telangana Land Conversion Application Form.

The first step of the process is getting a land conversion application form, you can get the application in any Mee Seva centre across the Telangana state.

Step2: Filling the Land Conversion application form.

Telangana land conversion application is very easy to fill, and it consists of 4 parts, the first part of the application form, where you have to enter your land details like survey number of the land along with the village name, Mandal name, and the district name of the land where it is located. The second part of the application form is personal details such as landowner name, father name, and the land owner’s complete address. The third part of the application form is challan details, where you have to enter the challan number, date of the challan, the amount on the challan. The last part of the application form is the declaration part, where you have to declare the land by entering the survey number of the land, village, Mandal, district, total extent of the land, extent for which permission for conversion sought, and remarks that the land is neither covered by any litigation/court cases/encroachment nor this land are assigned lands/ ULS Surplus land /Agricultural Ceiling Surplus land / Tank Bed lands.

Step3: Enclosing the Documents Required.

After filling the land conversion application form, then it is the time for attaching the documents like title deed or sale deed document of the land xerox copy, land passbook xerox copy, basic value certificate of the land issued by the sub-registrar xerox copy, and finally land owner Aadhar card xerox copy or voter id or ration card xerox copy.

Step4: Submission of Land Conversion Application form.

Submission of the application form, after filling the application form, and attaching the supporting documents, it’s time to submit the application form, the land conversion application form can be submitted at any of the competent authority that is liable to issue the land conversion certificate. Most of the cases, the competent authority would be the MRO office or Deputy Tahsildar Office.

Step5: Verification of the Land / Inspection by the Competent Authority.

The competent authority will come to land for inspection with prior notice to the landowner.

Step6: Issue of Land Conversion Certificate.

After the successful inspection, if everything goes well then the competent authority will issue the Land Conversion Certificate.

Telangana Land Conversion Application Sample Form PDF:

Know your Land / Nala Conversion Application Status :

by submitting your application number you will know your Nala Conversion Application Status.