Zones in Telangana

R1, R2 and R3 Zones in Telangana – Details & Differences

The residential zones in urban areas are classified into 3 zones – Residential Zone 1 (R1), Residential Zone 2 (R2) and Residential Zone 3 (R3) according to the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority’s (HMDA) Zoning & Development Promotion Regulations, HMDA Master Plan 2031 and Land Use Zoning Regulations.

The Residential Zones in urban centers of Telangana mainly have different height restrictions on construction and types of buildings that can be constructed in that respective zone. The details of each zone and what kind of building are permitted/restricted are mentioned below:

Residential Zone 1 (R1) [Urban Areas Close to Growth Corridors] – R1 Zones are the zones that share their borders with Growth Corridors or can be said as R1 Zones are areas just outside the Growth Corridor. The Outer Ring Road (ORR) & the upcoming Regional Ring Road (RRR) are considered as Growth Corridors, in this case, the areas that lie 1km beyond the ORR are classified as R1 Zones.

R1 Zones have minimal height restrictions on building constructions – establishments of up to 16 floors or 18 metres in height can be constructed without special permission.

The types of establishments that can and cannot be constructed in R1 Zones are mentioned in the table below:

Permitted Uses in R1/R2 Zones

Prohibited Uses in R1/R2 Zones

·         All Kinds of Residential Buildings

·         All Other Uses Not Mentioned in Permitted Uses Column

·         Auditoriums

·         Botanical Gardens

·         Bakeries & Confectioneries

·         Courts of Law

·         Banks

·         Heavy, Large & Extensive Industries

·         Crematoriums/Cremation Grounds

·         Hospitals treating Infectious & Contagious Illnesses

·         Bus-Depots without Workshops

·         Indoor & Outdoor Games Stadiums

·         Bus-Stands

·         International Conference Centers

·         Clubs, Community Centers

·         Hazardous & Polluting Industries

·         Computer Software & IT Enabled Services Units

·         Reformatory

·         Convenience Stores & Retail Shopping Centers, Restaurants & Eateries

·         Slaughter-Houses

·         Dharamshalas

·         Shooting Ranges

·         Doctors’ Clinics & Dispensaries

·         Solid Waste Dumping Yards

·         Educational Institutions – Schools, UG & PG Degree Colleges/Universities & Research Institutes

·         Storage Go-Downs of Perishables

·         Electricity Distribution Stations

·         Hazardous & Inflammable Materials

·         Electronic Printing Press

·         Storage of Gas Cylinders

·         Fire Stations & Emergency Services

·         Warehouses

·         Outdoor & Indoor Games Facilities of Local Nature

·         Water Treatment Plant

·         Gymnasiums

·         Wholesale Markets

·         Health Facilities with max. 20 beds

·         Heavy Vehicle Workshops

·         Hostel & Boarding Accommodations

·         Zoological Gardens

·         Library


·         Motor Vehicles Repairing/Services Workshops or Garages

·         Central, State & Municipal Government Offices

·         Night Shelters

·         Parks/Play Areas or Totlots

·         Fuel-Filling Pumps

·         Plant Nursery

·         Police Check Posts

·         Police Stations

·         Post Offices

·         Professional Offices

·         Public Utility Buildings Except Storage & Service Yards

·         Post Offices

·         Professional Offices

·         Religious Premises

·         LPG Distribution Sales & Showroom

·         Technical Training Centres

·         Taxi/3-wheeler/Public Transport Stands

·         Transit Visitors Camps

·         Water Pumping Stations

·         Weekly & Informal Sector Markets

·         Yoga Centres/Wellness Clinics

·         Hotels on plots of above 2000 sq. m. and abutting road of minimum width of 18 meters

·         Cinema & Function Halls on plots above 3000 sq. m. and abutting road of minimum 18 meters width

The Permitted & Prohibited Uses for R1 & R2 Zones are the same.

Residential Zone 2 (R2) [Urban Nodes]Areas that don’t share borders with Urban Areas are classified as R2 Zones

For R2 Zones, height restrictions of 15-18 m apply for all constructions. The construction height of buildings in R2 Zones can vary with width of abutting roads.

The types of establishments that can and cannot be constructed in R2 Zones are same as mentioned in the list for Permitted & Prohibited Uses for R1 Zones.

Residential Zones (R3) [Urban Centres]The remaining urban areas and surrounding areas that are not marked as R1 or R2 Zones fall under the R3 Zone category. There is no detailed planning proposed herein presently, and the whole identified centers/areas are assigned Residential Land Use Zone.

The height restrictions for residential constructions in R3 Zones is 15 metres & 18 metres for non-residential constructions.

The Permitted & Prohibited Uses in R3 Zones are same as R1 & R2 Zones with the exceptions of the following which are also prohibited:

  • Burial/Cremation Grounds
  • Bus-Depots
  • Cinema Halls
  • Clubs
  • Computer Software & ITeS Service Units
  • Electronic Printing Press
  • Fire-Stations
  • Missionaries
  • Health Facilities with max. 20 beds
  • Hostels & Boarding Accommodations
  • Hotels
  • Police Stations
  • LPG Distribution Centres

These restrictions have to be adhered to while constructing buildings in the designated residential zones.

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