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Residential plots near Patancheru

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Kfortune real world started this pollution-free green project at Sivanagar which is located on Indresham to Sivanagar main road. We started this venture residential plots for sale in Hyderabad at Sivanagar near Patancheru to offer HMDA approved residential open plots at affordable prices and thereby reinforcing the property value that delivers a good appreciation to our customers. 

Our new project has been set up with 30 feet internal roads and it is a gated venture with all the required amenities and land rich resources like abundant water, rich nutrient soil, good climatic conditions, easy access for growing organic plants in a zero pollution zone that is just 5 kilometres from ORR.

Our new project is designed with 30 feet internal roads, along with each residential plot we are providing organic fruit and medicinal plants, drip irrigation facility, and 2 years of maintenance as complimentary. There are 25 residential plots available at reasonable prices, each plot comprises of 242 square yards, in guntas it is 2 guntas and in cents the plot size is 5 cents.

We designed this unique project in order to offer value for money residential plots in a green zone and thereby you can enjoy the life with best living standards away from the concrete jungles in just 8 kilometres away from Patancheru.


The location of our new venture is on Indresham to Sivanagar main road. It is just 5 kilometres away from the ORR and 8 kilometres away from Patancheru. you can reach Kfortune residential plots for sale project in just 15 minutes from BHEL Township, and in 20 minutes from JNTU Kukatpally, and in 25 minutes from Hitech City, Wipro, Infosys and other software companies located around Hitech city and Gachibowli. 


Our new venture at Sivanagar is located in a zero pollution zone, and is surrounded with fruit gardens and covered with huge greenery around it. Except for the roadside, our venture is covered with fruit gardens and huge trees around it, you can spend your weekends in nature with pure oxygen and completely away from the pollution and artificial life. 


Abundant Water Facility

Here at our new project, we have tested the water and our water is suitable for both drinking and for growing plants. We have a bore well which is 30 years old and from the last 30 years it is serving us with good water 24/7.  

Surrounded with Mango Trees

Our current project at Sivanagar village is surrounded by well-grown mango trees on both sides, the mango trees surrounded by our project are 15 to 20 years old that are producing a good yield annually, some of the mango trees located in the corner plots are complementary with the plots. Our mango trees are the best examples of the fertility of our soil. 


Organic Vegetable Farm

We are successfully running an organic vegetable farm in our new farmland venture at Sivanagar, our organic vegetable farm is one of the best examples for the fertility of our farmland as well as you can have an organic vegetable farm near you.

Land Conversion

Our farmland new venture at Sivanagar village land is converted to non-agricultural land so, as long as GHMC doesn’t go for the further extension you can enjoy it as farmland as and when the extension of GHMC starts by just paying the LRS you can convert these farmlands into residential plots and can get a huge appreciation in just a matter of time. 

Fruit & Medicinal Plants

In our new project, we are providing both medicinal and fruit plants at free of cost. We are providing 2 lemon trees, 2 papaya trees, 2 pomegranate trees, 2 Gooseberry trees, 2 Guava trees, 2 Drum stick trees, and one red sandalwood tree in each plot. These trees are planted in such a way that, in the future, if you want to construct a house, you can construct a comfortable house without disturbing any tree. The plants which were planted in the farmlands are all 2 years old, and some of the plants like Guava, Naseberry started giving fruits.

Guest House

We designed this project with a guest house exclusively for our customers, the plot owners can use this guest house facility for up to 10 years. Our guest house provides accommodation to stay in a zero pollution zone and nearer to nature, and our facilities like volleyball court, Basketball court Cricket net practice, keeps you fit and entertained. The whole setup is designed to create a perfect holiday spot where you can feel the resort stay in nature, you can enjoy farming in pure oxygen to have organic fruits and vegetables from your own farmland.

Play Area

We have kept enough space for sports and entertainment in our play area where you can enjoy playing sports like cricket, volleyball, basketball,  TT, etc with your family in nature.

Drip Irrigation

Along with the medicinal and fruit plants we are also offering free drip irrigation facility, in our 26 farm plots we have planted fruit plants and medicinal plants with drip irrigation facility, we are delighted to say that up to 2 years drip irrigation is maintained by us.

Free Maintenance

You must be wondering how to maintain the fruit plants and the medicinal plants that are coming as a complimentary with your farm plot, no worries, we are here to assist you. In this venture, we are also offering free maintenance up to 2 years that includes the complete care of the plants along with watering, pesticides, drip irrigation, organic compost, etc.

Gated Farmland

The farmland project at Sivanagar is a gated venture, the four sides of the project are perfectly fenced with 24/7 security. We designed this project that reflects like a resort and a perfect place where you can relax with your family for weekends. We are providing a lot of facilities including guest house, play area, etc utilize them to be nature friendly.

Advantages in Buying Our Farmland

Every land has its own advantages, farm land near Hyderabad or any city outskirts

Everyone can Invest

Since the unit size is 242 square yards and the price is very affordable, very aspirant can afford our farmland. The plot size was designed in such a way that in future it can be converted into a perfect house with enough spacing around it. The fruit and medicinal plants were planted in such way that in future, you can construct the house without disturbing the plants. Our farm plot size in guntas (pits) it is 2 guntas, in cents it is 5 cents.


Farmland that delivers high total returns

Every land has its own advantages, farm land near Hyderabad or any city outskirts increases the value of the land within a very short time. The cities like Hyderabad due to the enormous growth the outskirts will be within the city limits within a couple of years, so, since our farmland is located just 9 kilometres away from Patancheru and 5 kilometres away from ORR, within a couple years you can convert these farmlands into residential plots and that will give you four to five times appreciation within in no time.

Income earned from the farmlanD

Income earned from the farmland can be exempted from taxation

One of the most basic and the important things why people invest in farmlands, most of the people invest in farmlands to have a wonderful weekend in nature, and the income earned from the farmland will be exempted from tax. Our farmland provides both since the location of our farmland is in zero pollution zone so you can enjoy being in nature as well as you can earn the tax exempted money.

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Sell as Residential Plots

Since Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cities not only in India but also in the world, if you purchase these farm lands you will be having huge benefits in future because, our farm land location is very near to the city and just 5 kilometres from ORR so within a couple of years as the GHMC limit extends, upon converting these farmlands in to residential plots you can make a huge difference, i.e. where you can get a maximum appreciation to your land and can be sold as residential plots.

Tax Free Income

The second most important thing why people invest in farmlands, because most of the people invest in farmlands to have a wonderful and maximum returns because the income earned on selling the farmland will be exempted from tax. Since our farmland location is very near to the city i.e. just 5 kilometres away from the outer ring road, and 9 kilometres away from Patancheru so you can have a minimum 4 to 5 times appreciation within a couple of years.

Simple anD transparent investment

Since our farm land has single owner with clear title, the investment in our farmlands will be simple because of the low price and transparent and secured due to single owner with clear title. Investing in our farmlands is like high level of investment security at low level of risk.

Earn more at low investment

Since the plot size is small, you can get a plot at very low price as well as you can earn more within a very short time because our farmland location is very near ORR and the city limits, so you will be beneficial in both ways why because, you can get the plot at low price while buying and you can sell the same farm plot as residential plot within a couple of years at higher price.

Affordable Farm Plots

If you are wondering to invest less and earn more, then you are in the right place because if you compare the farm land with a house or a flat or a residential plot, while purchasing a house or residential plot or a flat you need to invest a lot but the returns will be very low, but if you invest the same amount in the farmlands nearby the city limits, you can acquire a huge amount of land in the same price as well as you can get a minimum of 4 to 5 times within a very short time because as the city limit extends the area will be covered under the GHMC, so these plots can be converted in residential within a very short time.

Best place to spend weekends with family

Now a days our lives have become so digital that we cannot be isolated from the busy and the digital life, most of us are spending more time with our gadgets than with our family members. So to erase that gap between you and your family members investing in our farmlands will be a good choice because we are providing a free guest house that can be used by all our customers. Since it is just a 30 minutes drive from JNTU Hyderabad, you can just come and enjoy weekends in our zero pollution zone. Besides we also have an organic vegetable farm where you can get organic vegetables to make healthy and homemade food. Our guest house provides you personalized attention, with quietness. To avoid your boredom we are also offering cricket ground, volley ball court, basketball court.

Project Highlights

Just 5 Minutes’ drive from ORR (Outer Ring Road)​

Just 9 Kilometres from Patancheru Bus Stand

15 Minutes from BHEL Township

20 Minutes from JNTU Kukatpally

25 Minutes from Hitech City

25 Minutes from Wipro & Infosys

Farm Land is on 30 Feet Tar road

Gated Farm Land

Each unit size is 242 Square Yards

Single owner with a clear title

Free Maintenance for 2 years

Free Guest House Facility

Fruit plantations like Mango, Guava, Pomegranate and other seasonal fruits

Drip Facility

Organic Vegetables Farm


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